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A fresh face for renting revolutionised



Relo is a lettings agency disregarding the current status quo in room renting. They offer a zero-deposit, no-contract, tenant focused renting experience for young professionals.


Relocation-PA (now Relo) had a fresh perspective, and the drive to change the industry, but their outward appearance felt dated. We worked with them to overhaul the entire identity and relaunch as the leaders in their local market.

Relo Shop StandRelo Billboard

The name

Our first challenge was to imagine a new name for the business. Something that felt both familiar, and personal, as well as exciting and fresh. Relo (shortened from Relocation-PA) became a new beginning for the business.

Relo Print Collateral
Relo Billboard
Relo People
Relo Key Card

Renting Revolutionised

The market Relo works within rarely feels the need to go above and beyond, but that's exactly what they do every day. They provide a quality and tailored service to each tenant, with a few 'wow' moments that create an unforgettable experience.

The brand we created can flex for each touchpoint – from welcome boxes, to social posts, to outdoor signage. Each tenant has a complete consistent brand experience right from the inception.

Relo Typography
Relo Stickers
Relo Content
Relo Tote BagRelo Logo Mark

The palette has a variety of warm, complementary colours, with tailored pairings that help the brand to flex to each application.

Relo Homepage
Relo Social Media
Relo Icons
Relo Packaging
Kind Words

"Exceptional work again from Kanda on the relaunch of Relo. They always get it right."

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